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2011 Top 50 competitors

Natural Local Food Hub

Anne McShane

Highland, Indiana


Real-Time Online Registration

Douglas Meece II

Valparaiso, Indiana


Video Production

Chris Meumann

Schererville, Indiana


Precious Metal (Gold) Reverse Vending Machine

Howard Nichol

Cedar Lake, Indiana


GPS Technology For Golfing

Steve Oberac

Munster, Indiana


Gourmet Chocolate Pretzels

Veronica Papach

Whiting, Indiana


Pet Pooper Scooper

Adam Paulson

Crown Point, Indiana


Plastic Barrier Wipes

Arlesia Peterson

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Learn To Draw Freehand System

Robert Pipes

Cincinnati, Ohio


Collecting & Disposing of Concrete Waste and Washout Water

Robert W. Rutherford, Robert F. Rutherford

Crown Point, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois


Underwater Golf-Ball Retrieving System

Eric Schwartz

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


E-Shop Lifestyle Branded Apparel

Dr. Rajun Selladurai, Tyler Lennox Bush, Kendal Brown,

Charlie Erasor, Joann Noche

Crown Point, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois


New Candy Products

Gregory Simms

Valparaiso, Indiana


Self-Powered, Portable, Illuminated Safety Patch

Dan & Allison Skimehorn

Munster, Indiana


Coffee Based Energy Drink

James Strezovski

Merrillville, Indiana


Biodiesel Flue from Soybeans & Vegetable Oil Waste

Kevin, Jodee, John & Brandon Taylor

Bloomington, Indiana


Plastic Designed Foot Wrap

Judith Taylor

Merrillville, Indiana


Wind Turbine For Automobiles

Sham Tickoo

Schererville, Indiana


Clothes for the underprivileged  

Nicholas Van Gorp

Schererville, Indiana


Remote Control Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter For Pools  

Robert Vellines

Lake Station, Indiana


Ceramic-Based & Non-Conductive Weatherized Coating

Nathan Walker

Crown Point, Indiana


Web Portal for Environmentally Improving Homes and Offices

Lee Watson

Schererville, Indiana


Gospel Clothing Line

Jennifer Williams, Carl Weatherspoon

Indianapolis, Indiana

Torrential Rainfall Shield

Andrew Altman, Karan Randhawa, Justin Ferranti, David Chen

Medford, Massachusetts


Female Dog Menstrual Cycle Pad

Hector Alvarado

Gary, Indiana


Biodegradable “To-Go” Container  

Aranzasu Bermudez

Chicago, Illinois


Passive Earth Thermostat System

Miles Bloom, Austen Sybert

Baltimore, Maryland


Feed The Hungry Nutritional Bar

Mitch Blosky

St. John, Indiana


Baseball/Softball Bunt Training Device

Dave Budzielek

Hobart, Indiana


1930’s Style Golf Course

Corey Bush

Merrillville, Indiana


Solar Nanotexturing Technology

Yi Chen, Aaron Wiener, Dave Tarvin, Rui Cai

Champaign, Peoria and Urbana, Illinois


Local Film Company

Jim Corey, Anthony Lenzo

Hammond, Indiana


Home Pediatric Chemotherapy

Eliot Craft, Cali Rios

Ward, Arkansas


Plastic Waste Into Usable Construction, Housing and Packaging

Darrin Dedelow

Lowell, Indiana


Ergonomically Sized Musical Instruments for Young People

Devin Dove

Gary, Indiana


Low-Cost Web Development

Dia & Doug Ferry

Schererville, Indiana


3 in 1 Tape Measure

Corrie Frank, David Matthews, Andrew Nixon, Varun Parekh

Munster and Valparaiso, Indiana

Arlington Heights and Forest Park, Illinois


Disposable Bra Liner

Nanette Frank

San Diego, California


Universal Pressure Tool Clip

Modesto Garza

Hammond, Indiana


Eco-Friendly Burial Services

Nathan Harvey

Lansing, Illinois


Medical Education Training For Low-Income Individuals

Resa Hauter

Munster, Indiana


Dishwasher Jewelry Cleaner

Darnelius Hill

Merrillville, Indiana


Vacation-Like Experience for Children in Foster Care

Jokima Hiller

Indianapolis, Indiana


Foot Operated Kitchen Cabinet Opener

Larry King

Valparaiso, Indiana


New Paradigm Engineering Service

Jim, Chris, Patrick & Michael Kozlowski

Munster, Indiana


Pet Friendly Cafe

Adrianna Lakich

Schererville, Indiana


Phone App For Campus Discounts

Nick Laszlo

Munster, Indiana


Solar Powered Paper Tablet

Vineet Loya

Hammond, Indiana