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2014 Top 15 competitors

1. Seva Corps

Shwetha Maddur, Vinita Talgaonkar, Michael Blackshear,

Jeon Jonghyo, Clara Giles, Nidhi Shah, Naveen Sharma

Ann Arbor, Michigan


2. Blind Disc Golf

Jacob Ayers

Hammond, Indiana


3. Lounge N Lax

Karen Hannon

Portage, Indiana


4. NextPotential

Jack Blanchette, Duncan Hoffman, Jason Fritsch,

Hart Larew, Bill Danyluck

Scottsdale, Arizona


5. Zoobue

Regina Stovall

Cedar Lake, Indiana


1. Max-VVA Camshaft System 

Brant Saxsma 

Cedar Lake, Indiana


2. The Dazzle Book 

Christopher Davis 

Hammond, Indiana


3. Honker Doober

David Rinconeno, Darren Conner, Pat Gineris, Scott Moran 

Schererville, Indiana


4. The Rolly Bowl 

Janice Beier 

Dyer, Indiana


5. Centipede Sawhorse 

Ed Adkins, Keith Fyhr 

Trust or Consequences, New Mexico; Rockford, Illinois



1. Track Your Bus

Collin Garcia, Robert Peterson, Allan Thomas 

Gary, Indiana


2. Immunizations Therapeutics

Daniel Leventhal, Olive Weisser, Eric Benson, Ryan Haake, Zoe Hoeppner 

Evanston, Illinois


3. Caydian Dream

Andy Rink, Varun Boriah 

Stanford, California


4. NuFortis

Brittany Chibe, Flor Fernandez, Jason Rebello 

Chicago, Illinois


5. CommSense

Andrew Kovacs, Christopher Ochynski, Wesley Allen 

Lafayette and Lawrenceburg, Indiana


In 2014, the Big Sell Board of Directors created three categories to allow entrepreneurs to compete with similar inventions – social & environmental, general & open, and technology. We decided to have the audience winnow the morning competition to the top five in each category. The experiment was a success. In future years, the competition may be separated into categories again – depending on the entries.