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2011 Top 10 competitors

1. The Grab Bag

Adam Paulson

Crown Point, Indiana


2. Girlease - Bra Liner

Nanette Frank

San Diego, California


3. Love Crunch Bar

Mitch Blosky

St. John, Indiana


4. Green Burials

Nathan Harvey

Lansing, Illinois


5. uDeals Campus App

Nick Laszlo

Munster, Indiana

6. Home Pediatric Chemotherapy

Cali Rios

Ward, Arkansas


7. Nanotexturing Solar Technology

Yi Chen, Aaron Wiener, Dave Tarvin, Rui Cai

Champaign, Illinois


8. Vacation-Like Experience for Children in Foster Care

Jokima Hiller

Indianapolis, Indiana


9. Musical Instruments

Devin Dove

Gary, Indiana


10. Plastic Waste Into Usable Construction, Housing and Packaging

Darrin Dedelow

Lowell, Indiana