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How will your idea be judged?

By submitting the application and entering this competition, all individuals and teams herein agree to accept the final decision of the panel of judges and audience members. The rulings and decisions of the judges and audience members are final. No competitor can appeal the decision of the panel and audience.


Selection and judging will rely on the following criteria:

All completed applications will be reviewed by a committee,

which will select the Top 50 ideas to compete on April 16 2016.

The judges will use the following criteria in the finals to score competitors:

All 50 competitors will have two minutes to pitch their idea to the audience in attendance.


After each idea is presented, the audience and the audience alone will vote whether the idea is worthy to move on to the final round.


The audience will vote from their tables electronically and votes will be tallied in a centralized computer system.


The 10 ideas with the most otes will move on to the final round.


If multiple teams are tied for 10th place, these teams will automatically qualify for the final round.


In the final round, each competitor will have two minutes again to pitch their idea to a panel of four distinguished judges and the audience.


The judges only thereafter will have an additional two minutes to question the spokesperson pitching the idea.


The three winners will be selected by the four judges (80% of the final vote) and audience (20% of the final vote).

What happens competition day ...