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About The Big Sell


The history of the competition ...

The Big Sell Entrepreneurship Competition was created to offer people with big dreams a great opportunity to put those ideas into action. Every applicant who is selected will have two minutes to sell their idea to a large audience that electronically votes for the best ideas and some of the most brilliant minds in Northwest Indiana and the country.


Winners of this national competition get to share about $100,000 in cash and prizes.  

Most of the prizes were setup to guide the winners through the various startup obstacles, like legal and accounting issues. That is why we offer the winners various services in legal, accounting, marketing, information technology, business assessment, and business planning. Additionally, winners get free office space for one year at the Hammond Innovation Center.


We will give you the platform.  You tell us why you have the best idea.  

We can help turn your idea into reality. Enter now!

Please contact Dushan Nikolovski, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Success at Purdue University Calumet.


(219) 989-3159


The competition idea and concept is the intellectual property of Dushan Nikolovski. He started the Big Sell as the director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Success at Purdue University Calumet in 2011. The artwork and final name were created by The Idea Factory (Theresa K. Badovich and Robin A. Carlascio) on behalf of Dushan Nikolovski.


In 2011, cash and prizes for the top three winners totaled $30,000. Because of its popularity and the competition’s unique strategy to allow audience members to vote, the Big Sell, in the second year, was able to double the cash and prizes to about $60,000. Today, the total prizes awarded is over $100,000.